Implant Restorative Dentistry - Dec 6-8 2017

Implant Restorative Dentistry - Dec 6-8 2017

Dec. 6-8, 2017
Feb. 7-9, 2018
May 30 - June 1, 2018
Sep. 5-7, 2018
Oct. 10-12, 2018
Nov. 28-30, 2018

Replacing missing teeth is a part of daily life in dental practice. With increasing patient demand for esthetic excellence and predictable long-term results, it is important to understand how to optimize patient outcomes utilizing implants while maximizing clinical and technical efficiencies.

From treatment planning to final restorations, this course will cover the most common implant considerations the restorative dentist and implant surgeon encounter. This course is highly recommended for the restorative dentist, the dental technician, and the implant surgeon who wishes to gain a better understanding of the restorative aspects of soft-tissue management for implants and pontics. This course creates the opportunity for the team to diagnose, treatment plan and treat their patients with confidence, and execute at the highest level. Through lecture, discussion and extensive hands-on experience, you will complete this course with a deeper understanding of how to create superior outcomes for your implant patients.

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