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Save Your Dental Resume From Becoming Junk

A good dental resume is often your first impression to a recruiter. Before interviews are scheduled, resumes are the only way a candidate can be selected to appear in person and answer questions. Therefore, in a sea of other people’s dental resumes trying to get the same job as you; a deficient resume can eject you from big opportunities. Spend time checking and re-reading the information you are giving. Avoid any mistakes that can put an end to a big opportunity. Some of the easiest mistakes to prevent are misspelling, duplicate information, wrong data, etc. To help you create a comprehensive resume, Dental World Staffing has brought some effective resume tips. With the help of these tips you can catch interviewer’s eyes on the first instance. So, lets get started:

  • List Your Technical Specialization

Categorize and mention each of your technical specialization. Include a list of courses for continual education. This will generate a curiosity in the interviewer. After all, the interviewer is trying to decide between you and others looking for the skills that fit their clinic job vacancy, and maybe a skill you didn’t thing was important to you is very important to them. Sometimes are your not so obvious key skills that are the primary attraction. Include copies of all diplomas, degrees, certifications and completed CE’s. Include a current CPR card. If you are a dental secretary, dental manager, dental receptionist, insurance biller, list any courses that make you a better dental office staff candidate including list of software, programs and computer skills you master. If you have sales background mention it. After all, clinics are in the business of selling their services to patients. Same goes to telemarketing experience, which not so many people enjoy doing but it is profitable to a dental clinic to at least have great phone skills.

  • Write in present tense verb forms

The way you write the resume puts a lot of effect on the reader. So, when writing the resume portray yourself as an active person. For doing this, you can start with an action verb and try to stick with the present tense. Here, you are displaying your doings of the past but in a way that sounds current and dynamic. Moreover, it is important to prepare yourself to prove what you mentioned in your experience regarding past jobs and their scope of work. Writing the resume using verbs like: Organizes, Conducts, Prepares, Performs, etc… sounds like the skills are fresh and current and this will convince the dental staffing manager that you are ready to join his clinic.


Use your spell check and then double check your spelling by cutting and pasting the entire resume on one of those on line free spell checker sites.

Highlight your job experience using action verbs. Remove the irrelevant details and proofread for any mistakes. These can be spelling mistakes, punctuation, and abrupt ends. If possible, make a friend read the resume once.


We hope you enjoyed our ideas and found them helpful.

Now, once you are done with the resume making, just upload it on Dental World Staffing website for free and wait till one of the employers get impressed with your fantastic resume. Contact: