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Dental World Staffing Welcomes New Dental Graduates

Dental World Staffing welcome new dental graduates. It’s a great occasion to understand your life’s purpose and recognition of the path you want ahead from your graduation. Whichever field of dentistry you choose, Dental World Staffing is always there to show you the right path along with supporting your career decisions. Congratulating on your success; we are here to help you enter the next phase of life with pride. While dental staffing  trends keep changing,  there are a few things that are never going to. This article is about what to have ready by graduation day.

  • Know Your Experience And Interest

An occupation driven from the interest  will never let you down and this formula has been working successfully for ages. No matter what interest you have, never suppress it and try to get more and more experience in such field. Volunteer, become part of mission expeditions where dental workers give their services free to people who cannot afford it, network in dental conferences, join dental groups, take courses to expand your knowledge of your chosen dentistry field, contact manufacturers and ask if they have training, read dental magazines, read scientific dental studies, become part of research in your field, use social media to find and network with other like minded dental professionals.

  • Gather The Confidence

Build up the confidence before going on your first day hunting for a dental job. Confidence  is necessary for success as well as skills. Have a friend practice with you a mock dental job interview. Be honest in your answers but be prepare to be asked tough questions. Be accurate and fair. Have a positive attitude, after all you are about to start a new life, literally, a new world of possibilities is in front of you. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get hired fast. Companies nowadays take longer to make a decision on who they will hire.

  • Get Rid Of Student Resume

Don’t make your resume look like a textbook, it shows the inexperienced you, which is not good from the career point of view. Represent yourself with a functional resume, highlighting all your experience and skills. Do it in a way that the dental staffing manager gets hold of your skill on the first instance. So, whether you opt for a chronological resume or functional resume highlight your skills. Get mature friends read it and give you opinions. Think like a hiring dental manager. Put your self in their shoes and ask your self “Would I hire ME?”

  • Do Not Underestimate

Do not underestimate yourself.  You may be thinking: “But I don’t have any experience” “ I have not worked as a dentist ever” “The only experience I have is the dental school clinic” …Well, let us reassure you. Hiring dental managers consider that in order to graduate from dental school you had to dedicate so many years of your life to finish. No place is tougher that a dental school clinic where you have 5 professors with so much experience looking over your shoulder to see if you are doing your dental jobs correctly. You already paid your dues. You already had to study all night to pass an exam. You have hundreds of hours of patients and yes… you ARE ready for your first job.  You also have something else on your side. You have the LATEST technology, latest law, regulations training there is. All the information you need to succeed is still fresh in your brain. Study regularly from your BOARD EXAM notes. Don’t ever stop doing so.  I still from time to time take those notes from my closet and while having a tea, I read them on a rainy cozy night.

In this wonderful life new phase, stay courageous and smart while Dental World Staffing will take care of your employment issues.


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Permanent VS Temporary Dental Staffing



Permanent VS Temporary Dental Staffing

Are you stuck in the dilemma of permanent and temporary staffing? Well, many people are. Clinics are very unique. Each one runs things differently and when an employee leaves for good, a vacancy is not easy to fulfill right away. Dental World Staffing writes about the major difference between permanent and temporary dental staffing in this article with the hopes I gives you a perspective to make decision.

Currently when you loose an employee, you call the dental agency and they send you someone right away. You pay a daily commission and if you want to keep the employee permanently, then you have to pay a certain percentage of the annual salary for that specific person. Pricey, but in temporary terms convenient. Example: Maternity leave, Vacations, etc.

If you want to save the hefty commission a dental agency charges for keeping an employee you liked. You have to hire someone from scratch. Place adds on line, newspapers, magazines, etc. and wait for responses.

There is a new way. Dental World Staffing is a new emerging web site  platform, you browse through candidates in your area and “Buy” the resume of people you would like to interview. Each resume is only $12.00 dollars. Much cheaper than any newspaper add.


So, still the dilemma: Should I hire temporarily or permanently? Here are some views.


Temporary Employment

Clinic owners often see scenarios such as “My child has Chicken pox” I cant come to work for the next 10 days. Or “I have Jury duty” and I wont be coming to work for a while until the court decides the jury case. There are even smaller emergencies were an employee won’t come for 3 or 4 days and temporary employment makes sense. Temporary employees are hired to work for a certain length of time. This type of employment is to replace a staff member that went out on maternity leave, or on vacation. However, convenient it may seem, you have to train the employees again and again, which consumes a lot of time and money.

Permanent Employment

Permanent employment incurs a long term benefit to the employees as well as employers. It saves the time of training and brings stability to the organization. With permanent employment, even the employees get familiar with the working vision of the company that leads to efficient and fast pace work. As a Dental Staffing Company, we recommend our clients to opt for permanent staffing to build strong team tactics of productivity and profitability. Moreover, by hiring the employees on a permanent basis, you also tend to win their loyalty, which is necessary for a company’s long term benefit.

We hope you enjoyed this very quick view of the 2 types of employment. Choose wisely. Often a combination of both may suit most clinics.

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Your Dental Resume


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Save Your Dental Resume From Becoming Junk

A good dental resume is often your first impression to a recruiter. Before interviews are scheduled, resumes are the only way a candidate can be selected to appear in person and answer questions. Therefore, in a sea of other people’s dental resumes trying to get the same job as you; a deficient resume can eject you from big opportunities. Spend time checking and re-reading the information you are giving. Avoid any mistakes that can put an end to a big opportunity. Some of the easiest mistakes to prevent are misspelling, duplicate information, wrong data, etc. To help you create a comprehensive resume, Dental World Staffing has brought some effective resume tips. With the help of these tips you can catch interviewer’s eyes on the first instance. So, lets get started:

  • List Your Technical Specialization

Categorize and mention each of your technical specialization. Include a list of courses for continual education. This will generate a curiosity in the interviewer. After all, the interviewer is trying to decide between you and others looking for the skills that fit their clinic job vacancy, and maybe a skill you didn’t thing was important to you is very important to them. Sometimes are your not so obvious key skills that are the primary attraction. Include copies of all diplomas, degrees, certifications and completed CE’s. Include a current CPR card. If you are a dental secretary, dental manager, dental receptionist, insurance biller, list any courses that make you a better dental office staff candidate including list of software, programs and computer skills you master. If you have sales background mention it. After all, clinics are in the business of selling their services to patients. Same goes to telemarketing experience, which not so many people enjoy doing but it is profitable to a dental clinic to at least have great phone skills.

  • Write in present tense verb forms

The way you write the resume puts a lot of effect on the reader. So, when writing the resume portray yourself as an active person. For doing this, you can start with an action verb and try to stick with the present tense. Here, you are displaying your doings of the past but in a way that sounds current and dynamic. Moreover, it is important to prepare yourself to prove what you mentioned in your experience regarding past jobs and their scope of work. Writing the resume using verbs like: Organizes, Conducts, Prepares, Performs, etc… sounds like the skills are fresh and current and this will convince the dental staffing manager that you are ready to join his clinic.


Use your spell check and then double check your spelling by cutting and pasting the entire resume on one of those on line free spell checker sites.

Highlight your job experience using action verbs. Remove the irrelevant details and proofread for any mistakes. These can be spelling mistakes, punctuation, and abrupt ends. If possible, make a friend read the resume once.


We hope you enjoyed our ideas and found them helpful.

Now, once you are done with the resume making, just upload it on Dental World Staffing website for free and wait till one of the employers get impressed with your fantastic resume. Contact:


How to Fulfill a Dental Employee Vacant Place



How to Fulfill a Dental Employee Vacant Place at Your Dental Clinic Effectively?   

Consider this sudden situation. Your top dental employee or dental clinic manager walks in with a notice that he or she has to leave within few weeks. Such type of situation is a most troubling one and every dental clinic faces this problem at least once in their clinic’s lifespan. However, most dental companies struggle to find capable staff but if you take the right path and have clever dental staffing resources to replace the dental employee, it won’t be so difficult to fulfill your need. Consider this, there are thousands of capable dental workers who are looking forward to better opportunities in the form of a dental job, you just need to find the right potential dental employee.

In such situations, one should not loose patience and act with due diligence. The points given below will describe clever ways to handle this situation:

  • First, try to find out the loophole that caused your loyal employee to leave you. Maternity in combination with moving away? Seeking more money? Personality differences within the clinic staff? The job is located too far? This information is required to make sure that such situations do not occur in the upcoming future as it has been seen that the leaving of a loyal employee could spread a sense of negativity and insecurity among other members of staff.
  • Second, you need to determine the exact work and responsibility that the former dental employee was carrying out. This way you can have clear requirement insights and can find the right candidate for the job profile.
  • Third, get in contact with a dental staffing company. is an emerging website that allows you to search available applicants by area or zip code and you can purchase applicant’s resumes for only $12.00 dollars per resume. There are a number of capable dental employees who are looking for clinics that can value their skills and pay accordingly. You can use a dental agency but you will pay commission per day or a big sum of money to keep an employee you liked.

dental world staffing

Get straight to the hiring process and once it is done, introduce the new member of your organization to the rest of the employees; doing this will make the new person comfortable with the work environment. Have members of your dental staff train the new employee and convince them that the better they help the new employee the better the clinic will run in benefit to everyone including them. Offer the new employee to come in early or leave late to receive extra training from your existing staff, it costs you more hours but your new hire will be fully integrated faster and make the team more efficient sooner.

Make sure your new dental employee understand the responsibilities you have assigned. Make  periodic evaluations and be ready to retrain if you have to. It the end you will have a very productive dental team member.

This is it! You successfully replaced the dental employee and found a new one that fits perfectly with your existing clinic staff.

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Starting a Dental Practice or first dental clinic

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Tips To Consider Before Starting A Dental Practice or First Dental Clinic

Are you opening a new dental practice or clinic? Well, when it comes to selecting a dream team of dental professionals you need for your business to run smooth. We would like to share with you before the “Grand Opening” of your dental practice there is no more affordable staffing source than Dental World Staffing. This emerging web platform is here to help you throughout the hiring and staffing process. Dental World Staffing website has many tips on how to interview and hire the best fitting dental professional. Best of all, you can find the resumes of dental job seeking applicants in your zip code for only $12.00 dollars per resume and no other fees at all.  Save money staffing and focus more on patients and their dental check-ups. Dentistry applicants at Dental World staffing include dental managers, dental accountants, and dental human resource managers as well as dental receptionists, dental assistants, dental hygienists, dentists, orthodontists, endodontists, maxilofacial surgeons etc, etc. Moreover, it is important to hire a human resource manager who belongs to the dental field only. Doing this will ensure a better understanding and satisfaction among employees. If you miss on these important things, you can experience hurdles in your dental career dreams. In this article you will find some tips about pricing your services and marketing or advertising them before you start setting up your clinic with staff and begin your dental practice. Take a look below:

  • Pricing

Pricing is the most difficult part for any graduate starting a brand new dental clinic. At what price you are going to launch your dental practice? How much will you charge for your services?. The more competitive your prices are, the better chances for your future success. Check out the prices that have been offered by the other dentists in your local market, so that you can come up with a competitive price. Moreover, these prices should be in accordance to the quality that you are providing. Hence, it is also necessary to maintain the quality of the services you are providing.

  • Dental Staffing

Second thing that comes into mind is dental staffing. Since you can’t take over all the sections of work yourself, what you need is a capable group of dental employees, and to help you in this process use Dental World Staffing.  Dental World Staffing website resumes can be bought at just $12.00 per resume. Browse by zip code or by city or area to find multitudes of employees who are looking forward to get a dental job. Just pick a resume, interview, and hire – as simple as that. All together Dental World Staffing is the quickest and most economical solution for all your dental needs.

  • Marketing Strategy

Dental marketing is a must to maintain its success. So, plan out a marketing strategy that can take your business forward. It can be Internet marketing, social media marketing or yellow page advertisement, mailers, coupons, referral program, reward point system card, freeway billboards, TV commercials, infomercials, magazine adds, newspaper adds, web commercials, vehicle wraps, fliers, promotional items like pencils, pens, magnets, notepads, text message advertisement, pay per click advertisement, web director, bloging, networking on chamber of commerce, sponsoring causes, etc, etc.  Keep in mind that the strategy you opt for leaves behind all your local competitors. Find a modern and professional way to introduce your services and WHY you’re better and the discounts your business offers to your clients. In order to maintain these clients, you also need to communicate with them on a regular basis. Hence, select a way and stay in touch with them.


Once done with your planning, get started with your clinic and watch it growing towards success. And, when you look back Dental World Staffing will be always there to aid you.


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Jobs with leading dental clinics

Dental World staffing

Dental World staffing


Find available dental clinic jobs with leading Dental Clinics

There was a time when employees needed to visit dental clinic to dental clinic in search of dental clinic jobs. With the change of time, finding a dental job turned into a trend of calling and asking for appointments, however, now our new era of employment has come up with the easiest way of finding a perfect dental job. No matter what’s the size of the dental clinic company, you just need to have a comprehensive resume. By uploading this resume for free in you can be found by a local clinic for free to you. So, if you are wondering how this can be possible? Then take a look below:

  • Free Resume Submission

Dental world staffing is a web platform that aims to bring dental recruiters and the appropriate candidates together. Just upload your dental resume for free at the website and you will be applicable for the hundreds of dentistry jobs in your area. Here, finding the perfect dental professional for a clinic becomes the responsibility of the clinic manager and this is good because only she or he know best the vision and thinking of the clinic. This ensures best matching and successful hires. There are hundreds of recruiters with us who are on the hunt of great talents. Take a few minutes to upload your resume and become available to whoever is looking in your area for a professional with your dental qualifications.

  • Ease Of Interview

Opting for this way of dental staffing solution not only brings you in the eyes of top dental recruiters, but is also the easiest way to get an interview arranged. After submitting the resume, you just have to relax until one of the dental employers contacts you. There is always a need to cover dental professionals such as dental hygienists, dentists, dental assistants, who are needed to cover emergency absences by regular staff. In contrast to this, positions can be permanent by growing dental clinics. Just be prepared for a stellar interview and you may be starting a new job soon.

  • No Agency Fee

Most of the dental job candidates face the hefty fees that the agencies demand in the return of fixing meeting with the high-end employers. Some of them even charge half of the first year salary, in case of selection. The revolutionary concept of is a bit different and aims to keep you away from such agency issues . Along with free submission of resume, the other resources are also offered for free. You don’t have to worry about hidden charges with Dental World Staffing, altogether, your job hunt will be accomplished free of cost.

  • Quality recruiters

All the recruiters who shop through us are well verified and are from single clinics to national size companies. Most of them are offering great value packages for your dental skills and there won’t be any cases of that agency commission dilemma that puts you in a hard to be hired position. The price they pay for your resume is all that they will pay to hire you. This is why is so convenient to be LISTED here in this dental staffing platform. It is cheaper to hire you if you’re found or hired through here. There is no better place than Dental World Staffing to get the exact value for your skills.

So, feel free to upload your resume on our website. This is the only place that can link you up with the top dental clinics. Contact us at


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