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Dental World Staffing Welcomes New Dental Graduates

Dental World Staffing welcome new dental graduates. It’s a great occasion to understand your life’s purpose and recognition of the path you want ahead from your graduation. Whichever field of dentistry you choose, Dental World Staffing is always there to show you the right path along with supporting your career decisions. Congratulating on your success; we are here to help you enter the next phase of life with pride. While dental staffing  trends keep changing,  there are a few things that are never going to. This article is about what to have ready by graduation day.

  • Know Your Experience And Interest

An occupation driven from the interest  will never let you down and this formula has been working successfully for ages. No matter what interest you have, never suppress it and try to get more and more experience in such field. Volunteer, become part of mission expeditions where dental workers give their services free to people who cannot afford it, network in dental conferences, join dental groups, take courses to expand your knowledge of your chosen dentistry field, contact manufacturers and ask if they have training, read dental magazines, read scientific dental studies, become part of research in your field, use social media to find and network with other like minded dental professionals.

  • Gather The Confidence

Build up the confidence before going on your first day hunting for a dental job. Confidence  is necessary for success as well as skills. Have a friend practice with you a mock dental job interview. Be honest in your answers but be prepare to be asked tough questions. Be accurate and fair. Have a positive attitude, after all you are about to start a new life, literally, a new world of possibilities is in front of you. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get hired fast. Companies nowadays take longer to make a decision on who they will hire.

  • Get Rid Of Student Resume

Don’t make your resume look like a textbook, it shows the inexperienced you, which is not good from the career point of view. Represent yourself with a functional resume, highlighting all your experience and skills. Do it in a way that the dental staffing manager gets hold of your skill on the first instance. So, whether you opt for a chronological resume or functional resume highlight your skills. Get mature friends read it and give you opinions. Think like a hiring dental manager. Put your self in their shoes and ask your self “Would I hire ME?”

  • Do Not Underestimate

Do not underestimate yourself.  You may be thinking: “But I don’t have any experience” “ I have not worked as a dentist ever” “The only experience I have is the dental school clinic” …Well, let us reassure you. Hiring dental managers consider that in order to graduate from dental school you had to dedicate so many years of your life to finish. No place is tougher that a dental school clinic where you have 5 professors with so much experience looking over your shoulder to see if you are doing your dental jobs correctly. You already paid your dues. You already had to study all night to pass an exam. You have hundreds of hours of patients and yes… you ARE ready for your first job.  You also have something else on your side. You have the LATEST technology, latest law, regulations training there is. All the information you need to succeed is still fresh in your brain. Study regularly from your BOARD EXAM notes. Don’t ever stop doing so.  I still from time to time take those notes from my closet and while having a tea, I read them on a rainy cozy night.

In this wonderful life new phase, stay courageous and smart while Dental World Staffing will take care of your employment issues.


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Success tips at the new dental job

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Success Tips at a New Dental Job

Dental World Staffing website aims at bringing you in contact with top dental employers. And once Dental World Staffing or your own job hunting efforts have succeeded in bringing you in contact with a top dental clinic, think of ways to make your place at your new job. As Dental World Staffing helps you at every step of dental job hunting, we are again here to help you maintain and insure success at your new job.

So, whether you are going for a temporary assignment or a permanent job position, here are some tips to help you with all. Not just for dazzling at the new job, but in future interviews. Enjoy these success tips at a new dental job.

Optimistic Approach

A recent survey has shown that employers are ready to hire employees with less experience but not interested in applicants who show a negative approach towards work or situations. Employers think that it’s easy to train a person with an optimistic approach as there’s willingness to learn and work passionately. So, if you want to remain on the employer’s good note be sure to have a positive attitude and thinking.

Listen To the Employers

While working with a dental clinic firm, every employee has to go by some protocols set by the dental company. You have a medical career, so protocol is crucial. Dental workers have to be very keen at procedures because responsibilities related to working on patients. Remember there are a lot of legalities to follow, not just for the clinic’s business licence or the doctors’ but even to protect your own dental license. Therefore, do not protest against protocols as it may harm your job and even permanently terminate your dental career. Invest in courses about infection control, patient medical emergencies, practice your medical emergency oxygen tank set up, or your Nitrous oxide procedures. Brush up on HIPPA  regulations to keep patient’s information and cases confidential. In the end, asking your clinic for this kind of practice show’s the employers that you belong in their office as a very valuable employee who cares for the patients and the clinic. You can even propose the whole team does it to improve efficiency and look like a hero by suggesting it.

Integrate Yourself

It’s necessary to integrate well with the dental clinic from the beginning. Almost every time, an “I just mind my job” attitude brings a negative image of you and may spoil your reputation. Offer to help out the other staff members if you have a moment.  Perhaps a patient did not showed up and you’re free a few minutes. Be polite with your team, no matter what the circumstances, remember that a dental clinic can experience moments of hectic chaos when patients are late of many of them show up at the same time with no paperwork pre-filled such as medical history form or patient’s consent form, etc.  Be part of the solution not the problem. Take initiative. Example: If you are bilingual and you see someone struggling to communicate, step in if you have time. You will be respected and loved by your team and bosses.

In summary, employers have certain expectations that are never mentioned in the job description or contract. Try to know and fulfill these expectations. In case of any confusion, it is best to inquire about it rather that making mistakes.

While working at your dental clinic, it is necessary to make your team sure about you. Hence, do not give a chance at complaining or procrastinating and continue without any hesitation. In the end, never forget that you are being paid for your dental job skills. So, keep it up to the mark throughout the day.



Dental World Staffing wishes you a great journey ahead for your career. Please browse through our Blog for more dental career ideas.



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Dental World Staffing Makes Your Resume Visible On Line



D W Staffing Makes Your Resume Visible On Line

At Dental World Staffing, practicality is the word we aim at.  Whether it is our customer service or the search for potential employees, we take pride in providing you an upbeat solution for all dental staffing needs. With the help of our progressive team, we try to attract the most excellent candidates around your city. Years of Business development and experience in the dental staffing field have enabled us to come up with a new ON LINE way to connect candidates with employers. With our emerging website platform methodologies, we seek to reach out to the most endowed candidates for dental clinics looking for staff. Dental World staffing strives for excellence and hence it is understood how eager dental clinics are to find a suitable candidate from our site.

Our innovative concept creating a website where dental applicants can upload their dental resume for FREE and be found by zip code, by city or by state in our emerging dental staffing website; is a modern approach. We offer a new type of dental staffing solution. This solution is very economic at only $12.00 per resume purchase.


In this way, our company has worked with applicants and if the statistics are followed, we have proudly succeeded in satisfying recruiters.  There are hundreds of capable dental practitioners out there, who are overlooked and seeking opportunities to have a better dental job or climb up in their dental career. Many of these candidates can’t find a new better job. The reason behind such happenings is the lack of appropriate medium to make them visible in the Internet. It is not that they lack of skills and talents, the problem is a less efficient way to seek for a job or less efficaz way to make themselves easy to find. To show these dental applicants’ talents there needs to be a medium and this is where comes to the rescue.

With such believe, we truly understand the need and have a great respect for talents in the dental industry. In most of the cases, applicants get unnoticed by recruiters just because they never came across their resume. Call it a bad luck or lack of means but hundreds of capable employees are sitting unemployed in search of a better dental job.

Whatever the dental field: Dentist, dental hygienist, dental assistant, orthodontist, maxilofacial surgeon, endodontists, dental clinic manager, dental receptionist, dental insurance biller, etc, etc, we try to match applicants skills with the appropriate clinics by working eagerly to keep pushing this emerging dental staffing website to the top of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. We take it as our responsibility to work hard to use social media, and any cyber way to circulate this web platform to ease you into the limelight of ongoing vacancies.

To be a happy client of ours, you just need to have a well-written resume of yours. You can upload this resume on our website and wait for the response of top recruiters. It is important to have a resume which is high quality and error free. This ensures success to a great level. However, if you feel you need help in resume writing, please refer to our Resume Writing Tips.  We have many articles on our Blog about preparing for a dental job interview, writing a good resume, etc.

Visit where you can get a great deal of knowledge about  resume writing and many resources.

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