Success tips at the new dental job

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Success Tips at a New Dental Job

Dental World Staffing website aims at bringing you in contact with top dental employers. And once Dental World Staffing or your own job hunting efforts have succeeded in bringing you in contact with a top dental clinic, think of ways to make your place at your new job. As Dental World Staffing helps you at every step of dental job hunting, we are again here to help you maintain and insure success at your new job.

So, whether you are going for a temporary assignment or a permanent job position, here are some tips to help you with all. Not just for dazzling at the new job, but in future interviews. Enjoy these success tips at a new dental job.

Optimistic Approach

A recent survey has shown that employers are ready to hire employees with less experience but not interested in applicants who show a negative approach towards work or situations. Employers think that it’s easy to train a person with an optimistic approach as there’s willingness to learn and work passionately. So, if you want to remain on the employer’s good note be sure to have a positive attitude and thinking.

Listen To the Employers

While working with a dental clinic firm, every employee has to go by some protocols set by the dental company. You have a medical career, so protocol is crucial. Dental workers have to be very keen at procedures because responsibilities related to working on patients. Remember there are a lot of legalities to follow, not just for the clinic’s business licence or the doctors’ but even to protect your own dental license. Therefore, do not protest against protocols as it may harm your job and even permanently terminate your dental career. Invest in courses about infection control, patient medical emergencies, practice your medical emergency oxygen tank set up, or your Nitrous oxide procedures. Brush up on HIPPA  regulations to keep patient’s information and cases confidential. In the end, asking your clinic for this kind of practice show’s the employers that you belong in their office as a very valuable employee who cares for the patients and the clinic. You can even propose the whole team does it to improve efficiency and look like a hero by suggesting it.

Integrate Yourself

It’s necessary to integrate well with the dental clinic from the beginning. Almost every time, an “I just mind my job” attitude brings a negative image of you and may spoil your reputation. Offer to help out the other staff members if you have a moment.  Perhaps a patient did not showed up and you’re free a few minutes. Be polite with your team, no matter what the circumstances, remember that a dental clinic can experience moments of hectic chaos when patients are late of many of them show up at the same time with no paperwork pre-filled such as medical history form or patient’s consent form, etc.  Be part of the solution not the problem. Take initiative. Example: If you are bilingual and you see someone struggling to communicate, step in if you have time. You will be respected and loved by your team and bosses.

In summary, employers have certain expectations that are never mentioned in the job description or contract. Try to know and fulfill these expectations. In case of any confusion, it is best to inquire about it rather that making mistakes.

While working at your dental clinic, it is necessary to make your team sure about you. Hence, do not give a chance at complaining or procrastinating and continue without any hesitation. In the end, never forget that you are being paid for your dental job skills. So, keep it up to the mark throughout the day.



Dental World Staffing wishes you a great journey ahead for your career. Please browse through our Blog for more dental career ideas.



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Best Dental Staffing Tips For You

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Dental World Staffing Brings the Best Dental Staffing Tips For You

Finding the right person to fill up a dental job vacancy in your clinic can be quite a daunting task and when this search is something like a dental manager replacement its even more difficult. Imagine, someone as important as a new dental clinic manager is not easy since you have to not just find someone with experience or right training but with a matching personality that suits the style in which you run your dental clinic. A dental manager interacts with all members of the team and clientele. Where to find such replacement? You can post adds on line or in publications, you can call an agency, However there is a new modern and innovative way to find dental staff. Yes, to help you with such unnerving task, Dental World Staffing has brought a stress-free way of hiring. At our website, thousands of resumes are waiting to be purchased for only $12.00 dollars each. Just get a few from your area or zip code and start booking the interviews. We have categorized candidates by their dental profession for your ease of browsing. Just click the profession you need example: dental manager, dentist, dental hygienist, and the filter will present candidates by profession and geographical area.

Once you have picked up the resume, the next point of consideration is smart hiring. You should have a deep insight to your requirements and expectations regarding the candidate. While you think of such exact requirements, we have brought some dental staffing tips for you to keep in mind while hiring somebody:

  • Clear Your Thoughts

Clearing your thoughts of uncertainties and doubts should be your first step towards hiring. Get the actual idea about the type of employee you need, this will help you in matching the candidates’ skills with the job requirement. It will even help in finding the exact resume from our website.

  • Don’t Get Confused

While looking for the resume on the website, try to keep the selection short and stricter. As searching from the bulk can be difficult, we have sorted the resumes according to profession. Hence, it will be easy for you to find the candidate that can full fill your office needs.

  • Interview With Attention

Our dental staffing website platform will ease your search but whatever time you are spending on the hiring, should be done with care and full-attention. Prepare your questions and watch the candidate’s reactions while interviewing her or him. The unspoken body language and demeanor can say a lot about the character of a person. It’s important to not just go by what you read on the resume but to also try to see the kind of personality the candidate has. Ask your self: Will this person get along with the rest of the team?

  • Check for Team Work

There are candidates who are good with skills, but when it comes to the teamwork some of them fail. So, before you make a decision over a candidate, check whether he or she can fit in your clinic’s environment or not. Arrange for a one day paid test run. They call this “Job day” interview. This way you can see first hand if the person knows what they are doing and fit the team’s atmosphere. See also how willing is this person to learn something new. See how active or passive they are. Test for initiative. Create scenarios to check for people skills. If you have all positive responses, then it is the right choice, and if no then continue with your search till you find one.

         We wish you luck employee hunting!


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Dental Marketing Strategies

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Dental World Staffing Brings Effective Dental Marketing Strategies.

Dental world staffing helps you with every step of your dental career, whether you are looking for a dental job or you are a dental clinic manager about to hire dental specialists. In both the cases, we are here to serve. If you browsed through previous articles in our Blog you’ll know you can find resumes of local dental job applicants for only $12.00 per resume. Great savings right? However, is not just a new website to find employees. We are here to provide concepts, ideas and resources regarding dental issues. In this article you will find dental clinic success tips

  • TRAINING: There is no better way to achieve efficiency than training. We are not talking about daily job skills here. Schedule an EMERGENCY drill and see how well they can manage the extreme situations, it remains mandatory to train them with patient emergencies as well as natural emergencies as an earthquake. This will boost the confidence of the staff and you can visualize a better care in case such situations for your patients and each other.
  • METHOD DEVELOPMENT: Standardize procedures such as sterilization, filing, data entry, product ordering, etc. Be open minded to suggestions from the staff to make a more efficient way of doing things.
  • EVALUATE COSTS: Assign the staff for periodical cost comparisons on anything that has to do with your dental clinic overhead. You can divide it in types of costs such as products, utilities, marketing, licensing, insurance, etc and go though shopping for better prices and suppliers one category at the time spread through the year.
  • MARKETING: when it comes to marketing, you need to be constant. For this, you can use directory listing, magazine advertising, fliers, mailers, coupons, reward cards, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc and email marketing just to name a few. It has been seen that 80% of the top brands around the world are constantly using social media sites to maintain their relationship with clients and customers. You can also start a feedback category, where the patients can put their views without any hesitation.
  • LOCAL MARKET ANALYSIS: It is necessary to study the market trends that are attracting more clients. See what other clinics are practicing that is coercing the patients to put their trust in them. Find out the prices-for-services in your local area. See if you are still competitive. Studying these strategies will simplify the implication of your future marketing strategies. After such research, you can also opt for incentives such as discounts and offers.

In the extreme busy daily pace of a dental clinic it is easy to neglect to do the above tasks. However, if you don’t maybe your local competitor will and come ahead of you taking a slice of the local patient’s market from you. It is important to stay current, to update, modernize and keep a trained staff focused on efficiency and good patient care.

For more ideas and tips on dental employment, running a dental practice, marketing your dental clinic, etc, please visit our BLOG and browse through the categories. www.dentalworldstaffing is here to help.



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