Permanent VS Temporary Dental Staffing



Permanent VS Temporary Dental Staffing

Are you stuck in the dilemma of permanent and temporary staffing? Well, many people are. Clinics are very unique. Each one runs things differently and when an employee leaves for good, a vacancy is not easy to fulfill right away. Dental World Staffing writes about the major difference between permanent and temporary dental staffing in this article with the hopes I gives you a perspective to make decision.

Currently when you loose an employee, you call the dental agency and they send you someone right away. You pay a daily commission and if you want to keep the employee permanently, then you have to pay a certain percentage of the annual salary for that specific person. Pricey, but in temporary terms convenient. Example: Maternity leave, Vacations, etc.

If you want to save the hefty commission a dental agency charges for keeping an employee you liked. You have to hire someone from scratch. Place adds on line, newspapers, magazines, etc. and wait for responses.

There is a new way. Dental World Staffing is a new emerging web site  platform, you browse through candidates in your area and “Buy” the resume of people you would like to interview. Each resume is only $12.00 dollars. Much cheaper than any newspaper add.


So, still the dilemma: Should I hire temporarily or permanently? Here are some views.


Temporary Employment

Clinic owners often see scenarios such as “My child has Chicken pox” I cant come to work for the next 10 days. Or “I have Jury duty” and I wont be coming to work for a while until the court decides the jury case. There are even smaller emergencies were an employee won’t come for 3 or 4 days and temporary employment makes sense. Temporary employees are hired to work for a certain length of time. This type of employment is to replace a staff member that went out on maternity leave, or on vacation. However, convenient it may seem, you have to train the employees again and again, which consumes a lot of time and money.

Permanent Employment

Permanent employment incurs a long term benefit to the employees as well as employers. It saves the time of training and brings stability to the organization. With permanent employment, even the employees get familiar with the working vision of the company that leads to efficient and fast pace work. As a Dental Staffing Company, we recommend our clients to opt for permanent staffing to build strong team tactics of productivity and profitability. Moreover, by hiring the employees on a permanent basis, you also tend to win their loyalty, which is necessary for a company’s long term benefit.

We hope you enjoyed this very quick view of the 2 types of employment. Choose wisely. Often a combination of both may suit most clinics.

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