Dental Resume Tips For Newbies in The Dental World

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Dental Resume Tips For Newbies in The Dental World

Dental Resume tips! Yes, and a resume is the key document through which you introduce yourself to top dental clinics. At Dental World Staffing, we provide you with a way to come in front of the hundreds of applicants waiting to be discovered. is an emerging website that aims to connect applicants to employers. Applicants can upload their resume FREE and employers can look up an applicant by area, zip code or by city. You have nothing to loose, visit the website to gain insight and tips on how to prepare for a dental job interview, how to craft a great resume, and other resources the start up website is wishing to offer very soon. Start creating a cover letter and a portfolio to go with your resume and spare no time at making sure such resume describes your abilities in ways that make you stand out from other applicants while keeping true to accuracy. Indeed, the importance of a good resume can never be underestimated. It is the first impression that you project to the employers, and also the first chance to catch their attention. In summary, till now you must have understood the significance of a resume but, before you upload a dental resume, take a look below:

  • For an effective resume, fonts and presentation are very important. It conveys the first sight hence, a proper alignment and clear fonts are necessary. The font should be somewhat around “Arial” or other very easy to read font. The font size should not be more than 12. Moreover, one needs to avoid excessive graphics. Boxes can be distracting to readers but used cleverly can work to your advantage. There are actually many on line companies that sell templates that you can buy or download Free and customize from there. Here are some links to resume builder companies:


  • A resume is the representation of your character and career. Hence, it should be well elaborated with job history, experience, skills, memberships, credentials, continual education units, special accreditations, special skills like sign language or bilingual abilities, references, full name, address, and phone number. These last three items should be included on every page of the resume and cover letter. No matter what position you are looking for, it is essential to stay accurate with every detail. Provide copies of certificates and include anything that proves what you are stating in your resume
  • If you just want to focus on the last job you had, opt for a chronological resume. It is a way to bring focus on your proficiencies. Moreover, stay consistent with the language you are using. Neither get complex with the writing nor get into fussy details. In the end, do not forget to check the capitalization, underlining, and italicizing.
  • At last, there are few things that should be avoided while making a resume: Never put in 10-15 year old job experiences in your dental resume because your employer is only interested in what you have been doing in the past 9 years or so. Secondly, don’t make it so drawn-out that it occupies 2-3 pages. Thirdly, do not submit without proofreading, as you may overlook spellings severely and cause a bad impression.


It is good to craft a Thank you letter for after your interviews. Speaking of this, a thank you letter can be done in the form of a card and if you choose this route make it a “handwritten” thank you card mentioning the name of your interviewer.


Now you can find clinics in your area and deliver your resume, or you can go on line looking for available jobs, there are many websites out there listing dental vacancies. Don’t forget to  UPLOAD your dental resume for FREE on From here your expedition for dental success will begin. There are a variety of recruiters who are seeking for skillful employees to fulfill dental staffing vacancies. So, just get completed with the resume preparation and the rest will follow with your dream job.

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