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Preparing for a dental job interview.

Getting nervous during an interview session is not weird. Even experienced employees get nervous while attending an interview. However, keep in mind that confidence is the main attribute that employers look for. This article will help you enhance your confidence and prepare better for the dental job interview looking like a pro. Yes, to get that dream job, confidence is a must and it starts by finding a way to get that state of mind where you walk in feeling comfortable and at ease and ready to start answering questions to the dental manager or clinic owners.

So,  Dental World Staffing, offers you the following tips.

  • Be ready to showcase your skills

You know you are not the only applicant for the dental job so you have to be extremely familiar with all the skills you have to offer including extra certifications like CPR, Bilingual, Sign language, laser certification, etc. Now a days there are interviews where the clinic will actually ask you to work for one day and be paid of course but the point is: Be prepared. Think about anything that you have to offer that makes you unique over other typical applicants.  Ask questions about requirements and elaborate your speech based on their answers. Example: If the dental manager says they are looking for someone with flexible hours and if it sincerely applies to you; you can answer  “I am single, no kids and a very flexible schedule” Do you get the picture?

  • Don’t Get Nervous

Low confidence and nervousness are the biggest hurdles between you and your success. To avoid such situations, rehearse a “mock” interview with a friend until your answers flow naturally. If some one asks you a question you feel uncomfortable with or don’t know the answer readily; do not get anxious and avoid panicking, just take a minute to evaluate what you are doing and leave the rest on the circumstances. During the interview, first listen and analyze the question and surrounding and then start answering.

  • Bring your printed portfolio

Bring with you a dental portfolio with copies of not just your resume but copies of certifications, continual education units, CPR, any community volunteering you have done, dental projects such as case studies and statistical analysis or anything you have done. Bring pictures of you in action in these projects. Bring a sheet with references. Be honest. Get dressed in a presentable way and keep calm. In case of nervousness take deep breaths and meditate for a few seconds.


  • Research the company that you have the interview with

One of the easiest things you can do to feel more prepared for your dental job interview is to research the company that is going to interview you. The more you know about the staff, the philosophy of the company, the history and vision and details about job requirements the better you will be.


  • Remember that first impressions are key to success.

Practice a strong hand shake, look at the interviewer in the eye with enthusiasm, sit straight and with good posture, dress well and appropriate for a dental interview.  Women should wear moderate amount of make up and hair very neatly coiffed. Remember to trim your nails and wear no nail polish or just clear coat. Men should show up with hair well groomed and studies show that facial hair is intimidating at first sight. Consider trimming your facial hair at least during the process of being hired. The same goes for Tattoos, most dental clinics ask employees to wear clothing that hides them as much as possible. Do the same during the interview. Little details matter.


This is just a few pointers to get you prepared for an interview. If you would like further ideas please browse through our Dental World Staffing Blog to find more ideas, tactics, and perspectives. Visit the website as


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