Implant dentures & edentulous patients


We hope after you see this video, you think of Implant dentures & edentulous patients. We are sure you have some in your dental practice. Implant dentures are becoming popular and edentulous patients are not the stereotypical elder but can be young victims of accidents.


In this video you can see the many denture styles available for patients how are almost completely edentulous. This will help your patients understand the procedure differences that you are suggesting to them. Ask them to watch the video. Tell them to ask you 5 questions after watching the video. Give them a pen and paper. This will create better communication and trust between you and your patients. Perhaps it is good to also have plastic models that the patient can hold in hand and see better what the denture will look like.


It is not usual for the average practice to encounter a case were the patient has very few teeth left or edentulous. Consider that after a severe accident, a patient can become partially edentulous. Good cosmetic approach to dentures can be very welcome to a young patient who has become partially edentulous.


Never the less you can see the different removable dentures or non removable dentures and implant bridges shown in this video. Implant bridges are a growing dental trend. More and more dental professionals are becoming well skilled on implant bridges.


Finally, although this video does not address a single implant. I suggest to find a good video that covers dental implants in a patient friendly way. You can play this videos even in your dental clinic TV screen at the waiting room. If the video is not graphic or show blood, it can turn into a sales aid. For this reason consider a “bloodless” 3D animation video that merely showcases the procedure in a way that encourages a patient to ask your dental staff about information or prices.


Remember that many patients are scared about this type of procedure, but if you can ease their fear and  the procedure fits their budget, they can decide faster.


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3D animation of dental implant process

We like this 3D animation of dental implant process.

Thumbs up to Alpha dental for such a well done dental implant 3D animation.

In today’s world we see a rise in implantology. It is important for dental practitioners to keep up to date in the emerging techniques. Dental implants are here to stay, in many cases it is better to get a dental implant than a denture that will keep eroding someones alveolar bone.

This is something that can be used to explain to the patients the realistic expectations that come with dental implant procedures. Example the time that it takes for bone to be rebuilt again in order to support the structure of the implant.


There are procedures out there that claim to be a one visit procedure but be very aware. You are rushing something so important as your mandibular and maxillary well being.


Do your research.

In summary, dentistry offers so many technological breakthroughs that it is well worth your time to call, contact dental implantologists and get an examination.  The results are great. The field of implantology has come a long way and CT Scans for example have made it easier for the doctors to make the best assessment of your mandibular or maxillary landscape.  They can even tell you if you are a person who do not qualify for dental implants. Many times a patient does not have enough bone to anchor the dental implant well. But again, technology can now reveal that very easily.


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