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About Us


REGISTERING IS FREE Those who register as a company will have a private Dashboard profile showing how many jobs, events, ads you posted or resumes you bought. 

Those who register as applicant receive a private dashboard showing resume and edit options.



  • Get 25 FREE points for registering.
  • Get another 25 FREE points for emailing feedback to contact@dentalworldstaffing.com  We will reply with a code containing the 25 FREE points.


Posting Jobs, advertising, etc is 10 points per post. 

BUYING a resume is 70 points. 

PERSONS SEEKING ENPLOYMENT POST RESUME FREE and your dashboard will show you your resume expiration date and other info.

WHEN YOU RAN OUT OF THE FREE POINTS:  Log in, look in your dashboard's right hand side menu for (Buying history/Buy more points), then select points package, pay it.

NOTE: We process through PayPal. But you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay us.



1) When you click pay you will see option to pay using PayPal or scroll down to the GREY BAR that reads "PAY WITH DEBIT OR ANY CREDIT CARD" CLICK on it and you will go to where it says "GUEST" OR PAYPAL GUEST CHECK OUT.  

2) Fill out using your credit or debit card.

3) It is VERY IMPORTANT to UNCLICK the BLUE CHECK MARK THAT SAYS "Ship to my billing address” because you are NOT getting nothing shipped to your address. And complete transaction.

4) You will receive an email from dental world confirming of your transaction.

5) You will receive also and email from Paypal confirming of your transaction.

That's it

It's simple.

Now you have a record with us and Paypal. You paid using your credit or debit card.

DENTAL WORLD STAFFING is an on line platform where you can post your resume FREE. Also, Employers can buy resumes and save money on recruitment fees and commissions. Dental World Staffing is also a wonderful resource to find tips of how to write a dental resume, how to conduct a clever interview and many other subjects pertaining to dental employment. But that's not all, our platform is a place where you can find Conferences, events, corporate ads, classified ads selling from a piece of dental equipment to an entire practice. Universities can post about their current enrollment offers. Finally, continual education providers can post their Continual education courses. Although people posting their resume can do so free, other posts can be done by purchasing points. Purchasing points is easy, you just have to select a package that suits you. If you have been awarded free points all you have to do is redeem your points. All members registered have a dashboard to keep track of their points, expiration of their posts etc. WELCOME TO DENTAL WORLD STAFFING.


  • 290 Corporate Terrace Cir #103, Corona, CA 92879, USA
  • 111 W. Jackson, Suite 1700, Chicago, IL 60604
  • 2029 Century Park E Los Angeles, CA 90067
  • 695 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10022
  • 424 230 7734
  • contact@dentalworldstaffing.com
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